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Doxycycline: the release form and application

The drug doxycycline has common and popular. He has a number of unique, but remains popular. Today, therefore, we recommend buy Doxycycline online in our online pharmacy at affordable price!

Pharmacologic effect

If you decide to buy Doxycycline, you should know what it is formulated. Some patients may be allergic to the main component of the medication. Thus, pre-consult a physician for your health.

It consists of a semi-synthetic tetracycline. This component is known as a broad spectrum antibiotic. This means that the active agent penetrates deeply into the body and act at the cellular level. Thus, all the pathogens are destroyed, settled in the cells.

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The drug is assigned against all known bacteriological pathogens. Positive quality: the drug has no effect on the intestinal flora, is rapidly absorbed and long-term effect on microorganisms. We can say that the degree of antibacterial activity in the preparation is high enough.


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The current component is very rapidly absorbed into the blood. The tablets can be taken without regard to meals. The maximum blood concentration is achieved in two hours.

The drug is rapidly distributed throughout all tissues and organs, acting at the cellular level. The concentration of the drug is in the kidney and liver, to the teeth, and in the prostate. Not recommended to prescribe the medicationDoxycycline online during pregnancy because the active substance crosses the placental barrier. The same applies to breastfeeding, the drug is found in breast milk.

Metabolism occurs in the liver and excreted from the body in the urine. To order doxycycline without prescription, you need to first obtain a recommendation from a physician.

How to take the drug?

Take the pill you need only inside. The drug is assigned not only to adults but also to children after twelve years. The average dosage is of 200 mg. In some cases, appointed by the drug?

– For the treatment of chronic urinary tract infection

The dosage is 200 mg. The dose should be taken only once a day.

– For the treatment of gonorrhea

The duration of treatment is seven days

– For the treatment of syphilis

Appointed tablets of 300 mg for ten days.

– For the treatment of infections of the male genital organs

Doctor prescribes 100 mg twice a day. The course of treatment is not less than four weeks.

– For the prevention of infections after medical intervention

Appointed dose is of 100 mg once daily.

The maximum daily dose for an adult is 300 mg. The course of treatment is five days. Adjustment of dose and treatment takes place on the basis of the patient’s symptoms.

If you want to acquire doxycycline online, you should know that there is a caution to patients with severe hepatic insufficiency. For this patient the physician must establish a low dose. Otherwise, you may develop hepatotoxic action.

Drug overdose

If you take the medication correctly, it can develop a negative impact. There is a risk of overdose. If you want to purchase doxycycline online, you should consult a physician.

Symptoms of overdose include:

– Receiving a high dose causing liver disorder

– Possible neurotoxic reactions

– Nausea and vomiting

– Dizziness

– Seizures

– High intracranial pressure

How to treat an overdose? Doctor prescribes a course of therapeutic treatment. This is a gastric lavage, and the appointment of magnesium sulfate. Medication is to cancel. In this case, hemodialysis is not effective.

Side effects

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In the drug have some side effects:

– Violation of the nervous system

The patient may increase intracranial pressure. Such a condition is accompanied by vomiting, decreased appetite, headache, toxic effects.

– Metabolic disease

Causes of anorexia.

– Violation Hearing

– Violation of the digestive system

The patient has diarrhea, constipation, nausea, sharp pains in the abdomen.

– The occurrence of allergic reactions

State accompanied by anaphylactic shock, swelling, rash.

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Be careful while taking the drug. Doxycycline Common causes tachycardia, low blood pressure, disruption of the liver.

Keep it in a dry place; do not let the children without consulting a doctor.

Generic Doxycycline treats such diseases:

– Infections caused by microorganisms

– sinusitis

– otitis

– Gastrointestinal disease and biliary tract.

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